About - Code Angel


Making Coding Fun

Code Angel is a completely new and fun way to learn how to code. We will teach you how to build fantastic games using the Python programming language.

Every Code Angel game is supported by a series of concise ‘Show Me How…’ video tutorials, with each tutorial explaining the purpose of a key programming construct and why it was used.

Learn on a Raspberry Pi or your own Computer

There are two versions of Code Angel, just choose which one meets your needs:

Code Angel in a Box

Code Angel in a Box is your very own Raspberry Pi computer set up with everything you need to learn to code – straight out of the box.

Code Angel Digital

Already have a computer? No worries. Code Angel Digital lets you download and stream all of the Code Angel content from our website.

All 12 game projects are available completely free. This costs of running the site are covered by advertising.

Trust in our Experience

At Code Angel we want to help the whole world to learn to code. We have over 30 years of programming experience and more than 20 years of teaching coding in schools. Our experience has taught us:

  • which coding concepts new coders find difficult to understand, learn and master
  • how to teach and develop computational thinking skills
  • that students learn better when writing programs which engage them rather than simple programs which they find boring and pointless
  • that students quickly lose interest if they get stuck with their code and don’t know where to turn for help

We have used our extensive experience to develop Code Angel into a learning resource that is accessible to anyone. Each project has been thoroughly tested and refined to ensure that Code Angel delivers learning of the very highest quality.

Solving the Coding Problem

At Code Angel we have been teaching high school students to code for over 20 years. In our experience we find that many students either find coding concepts too difficult to master, or simply don’t see the point of the program that they are writing. We know that a student’s lack of understanding or disengagement can be caused by a number of factors:

There is not enough time in the curriculum to teach coding properly.

Code Angel solves this by providing a rich and supportive learning environment which allows the student to extend their coding skills way beyond the school curriculum.

There is a global shortage of Computing Science teachers.

Code Angel solves this by using concise and differentiated ‘Show Me How…’ video tutorials which support the key learning concepts in each project. All of our video tutorials have been written by experienced Computing Science teachers.

Most coding courses use simple and mundane programs to teach programming, and students are quickly turned off.

Code Angel solves this by using fantastic games which the student will want to build, and then enjoy playing and sharing with friends.

Websites and books teach programming syntax but don’t explain how code can be used to develop new programs.

Code Angel solves this by explaining the computational thinking behind every coding project.