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Welcome to Code Angel beta testing

This area is available only to Kickstarter backers and anyone who has pre-ordered Code Angel since our Kickstarter campaign ended.

We will continue to add more game projects for beta testing during August.

Please use this feedback from to let us know of any issues you have found with Code Angel.


The Code Angel Team

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Using Code Angel Digital

Code Angel Digital is a series of 12 game projects which teach Python programming.

Each project comes with the source code, graphics and audio needed to code each game.

The final version of Code Angel will come with a video tutorial explaining how to set up Python and PyGame on your computer. Until this video is available, it is assumed that beta testers are able to install Python and PyGame by themselves.

We recommend that you start by watching the videos in the Getting Started section.

Beta test Code Angel here

Beta Test Notes

There are a number of introductory videos which are still to be published:

  • Installing Python and Pygame

There will be an introduction video for each project explaining the purpose of the game and some of the challenges.

The final version of Code Angel will include ‘Fix My Code’ support for debugging programs. This is not available yet.

The design of this website will be improved during the beta testing phase.

Beta test Code Angel here

Beta Test Feedback

Please use the Code Angel beta testing form to share any feedback from beta testing.

Thank you