Code Angel is suitable for everyone from 10 years of age and upwards – there is no upper age limit.

No, if you have your own computer then you can access all of the Code Angel content online.

Unless of course you want a dedicated Raspberry Pi for you (or someone else) to learn to code on.


You will need:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Monitor or TV
  • HDMI cable

If you have entered your Code Angel program, and it doesn’t work:

  • Upload your program file via our website or using the link on your Code Angel Raspberry Pi.
  • We identify any bugs (the bits where you have made a mistake) and send you a bug report highlighting the changes you need to make to get the program working.
  • We aim to respond with a bug report within 48 hours (although typically much less time).
  • Each bug report costs 1 x Angel Fix My Code credit.

Yes, you can access all of the Code Angel game projects completely free of charge.

However, if you like it, why not buy me a coffee to show your appreciation.

Also, you can purchase ‘Fix My Code’ credits, the Code Angel Book of Code, or Code Angel in a Box via the Code Angel shop.