Getting started with Code Angel - learn to code Python games

Get Started with Code Angel

The tutorial videos on this page will walk you through how to get set up so that you can begin learning to code Python games with Code Angel.

A First Project

There are 12 free Code Angel Python projects to choose from, but we recommend that you start with Forest Bomber.

Installation (Windows)

Before you can program any of the Code Angel game projects, you need to install Python and Pygame. This video will show you how to install these programs on a Windows computer.

Installation (Mac OS X)

Follow these steps to install Python and Pygame on Mac OS

Installation (Linux)

Follow these steps to install Pygame on Linux

Which IDE?

You will nee and IDE  in order to be able to enter your Python program code. This short video compares three of the most popular IDE’s: IDLE, Thonny and PyCharm.

Bugs and debugging

A bug is simply an error in a computer program. It is very likely that any programs that you write will contain bugs. This video lists some of the steps and strategies that you can use to get rid of your program bugs. This process is known as debugging.

Common mistakes in Python programs

It is easy to make mistakes when entering a program. At Code Angel we regularly see mistakes in Python code, and we have highlighted the most common Python mistakes in this video.

Python Indentation

Indentation refers to the spaces that are used at the start of each line of code. In Python, using the correct indentation is crucial and this video explains how indenation should be used correctly. The Code Angel Book of Code uses markers to show the indentation levels for each of the 12 free Python game projects.

Internal comments

Each Code Angel program code listing uses internal comments to explain how different parts of the program code work. In Python, the # symbol is used to denote an internal comment. This tutorial explains more about internal comments.