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Micro Racers

Two cars, multiple tracks and a high speed adrenaline rush.

Starter Code Files

Download “Starter Python Files: Micro Racers” File size: 2 KB

Download and unzip this starter code file to your Micro Racers project folder

Images and Audio

Download “Images for Micro Racers” File size: 419 KB

Download and unzip these image and audio files to your Micro Racers project folder

Book of Code

Download “Book of Code: Micro Racers” File size: 383 KB

Copy the Micro Racers program from the Book of Code into your Python IDE

Video Tutorials

1. Draw the track

Watch first: Jupiter Landing Looping Through Lists

Difficulty: 4

2. Stay on track

Watch First: Draw the track

Difficulty: 3

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3. Lap complete

Watch first: Stay on track

Difficulty: 3

4. Check point

Watch first: Lap complete

Difficulty: 3

5. Game constants

Watch first: Jupiter Landing Game Variables

Difficulty: 1

6. Computer car

Watch first: Draw the track

Difficulty: 4

7. Race start lights

Watch first: Shadowstone Health

Difficulty: 5

8. Centre text

Watch first: Tic Tac Toe Displaying Text

Difficulty: 3

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