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Legend has it that a magical sword known as Snake Heart has been broken into four pieces and hidden far and wide across the Kingdom of Ulirewin.

Help Lucy battle Bumblers, Whizzers and Boxers in this top-down scrolling platform game.

Starter Code Files

Download “Starter Snakeheart Files” File size: 3 KB

Download and unzip this starter code file to your Snakeheart project folder

Images, Audio and Maps

Download “Images, Audio and Maps for Snakeheart” File size: 602 KB

Download and unzip these image and audio files to your Snakeheart project folder

Book of Code

Download “Book of Code: Snakeheart” File size: 2 MB

Copy the Snakeheart program from the Book of Code into your Python IDE

Video Tutorials

1. Scary monsters

Watch first: Toadie Toad Class

Difficulty: 3

2. Bumblers

Watch first: Scary Monsters

Difficulty: 4

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3. Method overriding

Watch first: Bumblers

Difficulty: 4

4. Spawning a Bumbler

Watch first: Bumblers

Difficulty: 4

5. Load the map

Watch first: Forest Bomber Lists

Difficulty: 3

6. Scroll the map

Watch first: Lair of Doom Player Move

Difficulty: 5

7. Draw the map

Watch first: Load the Map

Difficulty: 4

8. Sounds

Watch first: Forest Bomber Display Images

Difficulty: 2

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