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Toadie just wants to get home to his leafy pad.

All that stands in his way is a busy road and a fast moving river in this classic retro arcade game.

Starter Code Files

Download “Starter Python Files: Toadie” File size: 2 KB

Download and unzip this starter code file to your Toadie project folder

Images and Audio

Download “Images and Audio for Toadie” File size: 48 KB

Download and unzip these image and audio files to your Toadie project folder

Book of Code

Download “Book of Code: Toadie” File size: 1 MB

Copy the Toadie program from the Book of Code into your Python IDE

Video Tutorials

1. Toad Class

Watch first: Lair of Doom Player Class

Difficulty: 3

2. Sink or swim

Watch first: Lair of Doom Collecting Diamonds

Difficulty: 4

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3. Home sweet home

Watch first: Sink or Swim

Difficulty: 4

4. Moving objects

Watch first: Lair of Doom Block Classes

Difficulty: 5

5. Timer class

Watch first: Micro Racers Start Lights

Difficulty: 4

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