Code Angel Classic


Printed Book of Code plus online access to all of the animated video tutorials and media needed to build 12 amazing Python games.


What is Code Angel Classic?

You get:

  • 260 page Book of Code with Python source code and extension ideas for 12 amazing game projects

plus online access to:

  • over 100 animated video tutorials which explain the code behind each game
  • all of the images and audio for each game project

plus our help:

  • 3 x Angel Fix My Code credits


How does Code Angel work?

Code Angel is a completely new and fun way to learn how to code. We will teach you how to build fantastic games using the Python programming language.

Every Code Angel game is supported by a series of concise ‘Show Me How…’ video tutorials, with each tutorial explaining the purpose of a key programming construct and why it was used.

Code Angel offers a further unique level of support – we actually help you to fix any bugs in your code!


Code Angel Games

Visit our projects page to find out more about the games that are included with Code Angel.


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